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Sewing machine advice - Industrial, standard and sewing tech
« on: October 23, 2020, 04:35:33 AM »
I'd like to start this thread, punt intended, to enlighten newbies to sewing and sewing machines (me).

To date I've been going ok, sewing canvas and webbing on a 40 year old Janome. I've made bags, clothing repairs, arborist weighted throw ball, cube bags and webbing goods.
Yes, I've broken a stack of needles.

Recently I completed the DIY trapezium kit using a leather working needle with thick thread (M20, whatever that means..). The machine struggled and had we hand cranking the majority of the time.
I broke a cog in the bobbins timing at about 90% completion  :-\ $80 repair later, lucky!, and I've decided to look into industrial machines

Now industrial machines - this opens up a can of worms... I initially thought all industrial machine where similar (Strong enough to stitch what I'm doing). Turns out not!!
Some machines go fast - some zig zag, but the majority only straight stitch - some do this, some do that.

Chatting with my few resources locally --> everyone suggests a 'walking foot' or 'leather working' machine geared slower for torque is what I need to do canvas and webbing.

Suggestions welcome