Author Topic: PLEASE POST D4 REVIEWS Here! (start new topic) --SIGN IN TO SEE PICS and to POST  (Read 853 times)


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For the past 3 years, the refinement of the D4 design has been a feedback loop from many of the best big wall climbers in the world.  I will plan to post past revews here, but this will be the new requested spot to post reviews.  (Andy Hoeckel, who loans out our Yosemite demos, recently writes: "I ll hold that ledge for Marek. The full size is up on Lost in America, down tomorrow, going up again within a few days.  Where do you want folks to send reviews?" Here, please!)

Don't reply to this post, start a new topic with the D4 ledge you are reviewing and providing feedback for as the title of the topic--ok to post honest critiques (in fact, that is the most important feedback we can get!).  Thanks!
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