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BigWalls Forum / Re: New Members--please introduce yourself here
« Last post by Deuce on October 27, 2020, 11:00:46 PM »
Welcome new members!  This site is for reference, so please post any kind of tips anytime.  There is usually some things that get missed in the big wall texts, even the giant tombs currently out there.

Quoting Andy K.s or hooking up books welcome.

There is also some mis-info out there—saw one site recommending setting up ledge resting on haulbags between ledge and wall! Also a lot of recommendations for asymmetric hang—bad idea unless the ledge is designed for it.  Haulbags on side best—Delta2p will prove to be a new standard in ledge design  As one of many reasons it makes for a more efficient and less clustered bivy.
BigWalls Forum / Re: New Members--please introduce yourself here
« Last post by Khumbu2112 on October 27, 2020, 10:21:18 PM »
 Hi I'm fairly new. I live in Washington state looking to do alpine routes in the cascades preferably new routes solo. I'm looking for tips on light multi day climbs
PORTALEDGE DIY HOMEBUILD INFO / Re: Jaspers "experimental" Ledge
« Last post by Deuce on October 27, 2020, 09:31:39 PM »
Interesting idea for suspension, but recommend using a quick link to connect with my D4 Joiners “with eye”.   Old cause wear.  Or use a stealth.  Might be ideal for super ultralight ledge design.

People have also mentioned using “soft shackles”. 

I like quick links best (make sure not to load unless fully closed).
PORTALEDGE DIY HOMEBUILD INFO / Re: Jaspers "experimental" Ledge
« Last post by Jasper.Younger on October 27, 2020, 03:26:34 AM »
PORTALEDGE DIY HOMEBUILD INFO / Re: Jaspers "experimental" Ledge
« Last post by Jasper.Younger on October 27, 2020, 03:24:28 AM »
I got the chance to play with amsteel finally today 1/8" or 3mm.

The plan was always to use it as the adjustable suspension, it went pretty well but I've run out of the stuff.  I used more than expected on the splices and the continuous loop and I burnt through a bunch just making mistakes, I would consider a hot knife is essential if I was to do it again.

It's only 7.4 grams per metre and I used roughly 14 so far.   The lines go from buried eye splices at the joiners up to whoopies at the top and then the will come together in a continuous loop. Both the long sides will come together at each end of a daisy chain of continuous loops and I'll be able to adjust the level of the ledge from free hanging to slaby by just shifting loops (I feel that's a poor explanation but I'll give a photo example when I have it working).

I'm happy with how it's going so far and the relative simplicity of it. Although you can't adjust the ledge while loading it because of the whoopie slings I feel the weight savings and lower parts count is nice.
BigWalls Forum / Re: New Members--please introduce yourself here
« Last post by Ganglefinger on October 26, 2020, 02:36:29 PM »
I live out by Red Rock Canyon, USA. I have done a few climbs up El Cap and plan on doing many more. I’m also into sewing and making gear that already exists and can be easily acquired at a reasonable cost. I think I’ll learn a lot from this forum and hope to contribute at some point, as well. Thanks for having me.
I'd like to start this thread, punt intended, to enlighten newbies to sewing and sewing machines (me).

To date I've been going ok, sewing canvas and webbing on a 40 year old Janome. I've made bags, clothing repairs, arborist weighted throw ball, cube bags and webbing goods.
Yes, I've broken a stack of needles.

Recently I completed the DIY trapezium kit using a leather working needle with thick thread (M20, whatever that means..). The machine struggled and had we hand cranking the majority of the time.
I broke a cog in the bobbins timing at about 90% completion  :-\ $80 repair later, lucky!, and I've decided to look into industrial machines

Now industrial machines - this opens up a can of worms... I initially thought all industrial machine where similar (Strong enough to stitch what I'm doing). Turns out not!!
Some machines go fast - some zig zag, but the majority only straight stitch - some do this, some do that.

Chatting with my few resources locally --> everyone suggests a 'walking foot' or 'leather working' machine geared slower for torque is what I need to do canvas and webbing.

Suggestions welcome
Ok so a few bits to post here - This build was quick and pretty easy, longest part was the design and math
Definitely worth a go!!

I'll start with the frame, See attached! I've used the same materials as mentioned by John.
6060 T5 3mm thick.
Most of the frame is 25mm OD and 32mm OD joiners.

I purchased the cheap $208 AUD bender.
It does a nice job- clean up the edges with a file and add some vaseline around the fulcrum

Ledge frame is 930mm X 2060mm OD

I managed to get the side bars to collapse and fit inside the horse shoe bends (930 - 50 = 880mm) .. see all math on attached.
However, once I added the Shock cord around the tube this become less relevant.. hahah ;D

My first test was BCC (Big Canopy Campout) weekend. I slept comfortably up a Mountain Ash, 70m off the forest floor. However, I didn't have time to make a fly so waking up to rain was an experience. To my luck it was light rain and the bivie bag did the job.

Bed base design to come..
more pics on process:
All info now on
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