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Title: Tom Frost
Post by: Deuce on September 18, 2019, 07:37:26 PM
No big wall forum would be complete without a thread about Tom Frost, one of the most inspirational big wall climbers of any era.

Attached is an article to start it off.  Will write and post some stories at some point in future.
Title: Re: Tom Frost
Post by: MtnTradman on October 15, 2019, 11:42:02 AM
Its been a little over a year since Tom left this world for another. The last time I saw Tom was in the early 90s, in Boulder at his home. We had chatted at Neptunes for a bit after one of their Thurs nite slide shows. Talking about photogrpahy and film lighting and a small project ( not climbing related) I was planning to do with a friend. It was getting late for him since Doreen was waiting at home so he said 'Why dont ya come on up to the house next week and  we can talk some more, I can show you a couple lights"
So a few weeks later I called and went on up. Greeted with that well known smile, we sat for a few hours in the backyard not soo much talking about climbing or lighting but about the world, people, the future of the Earth. As the sun set Tom said "I gotta a couple small lights in the garage  I want to show you". We went into the garage where he started opening cabinets that had boxes stowed away. As he pulled one after the other he briefly looked in each. 

At one box he stopped and smiled as he opened it. I bent over to look in as he said ' Ohh forgot these were here" It was filled with some old climbing gear I was dropped jawed . He pulled out an old Chouinard Hammer some tube chocks a few choice proto type nuts and RURPS,  slings, old bandana and a 70s style harness. I said "Wow thats some history there huh ?"  He laughed " Sure is !"  He got quiet for a minute  and I could tell he was thinking about those old days  "good memories are hard to forget" I nodded and he said "hold this how does it feel ?" as he handed me the Chouinard hammer. I swung it mimicing driving a pin, ' "Feels broken in, ready to go again" He chuckled  'Yup well used !" After that short detour down memory lane he found the lights and we set them up for a quik demo as the rest of the evening flew by. There are few people who's spirit sets you at ease instantly and rides high over all the crap one encounters in the world. Tom was one of them.
Title: Re: Tom Frost
Post by: Deuce on October 16, 2019, 02:23:48 AM
I really appreciated seeing Tom interact with so many people, always listening intently to their stories, and generally responding with a hearty "Great Report!" 

The night before we met with the NPS in San Francisco, Tom had emphasised how we were all going to be fully positive in our comments and discussions, knowing we were there to help the Park Service, and in fact to let them know politely and respectfully, that their "ship was sailing in the wrong direction, and we will be there to help set it on the right course".  It worked, and we did.  We were even privately thanked for bringing the lawsuit to them, as they needed our external pressure.