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Mask Designs
« on: April 09, 2020, 05:02:41 PM »
With all the need for masks, seems like some room for new designs, simple to make.

The idea is to have a pocket in a mask made from some soft material with nice form and secures well to the face.  Then, in the pocket, you can cut out a piece of vacuum cleaner bag, and fit it in the area which most air travels. A mask with a bit of open area around the mouth seems key for everyday use.

various thoughts and ideas...  Tucks seem like the best way to go to get the form, rather than catenary seams.  Or maybe both.

Straps around ears (standard surgical mask)
Two straps around head (standard D95 mask)
One strap? Chin covered and nose tuck.
Elastic vs tie in back
use of a stiffener--pipe cleaner or weed eater cord?
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Re: Mask Designs
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2020, 06:44:47 AM »
G'day Deuce,

First up, I'm impressed with your Site. Thanks for setting it up.

Re: various thoughts and ideas...

I have and use, a RESPRO mask, from which (the British based company) have long been highly regarded in the mask manufacturing world.
They do a neoprene 'skin' which holds various replaceable filters, and incorporates a venting exhaust valve which is beneficial if exercising heavily.

The biggest drawback involved in any good mask is the fitment around the bridge of ones nose, and if using the mask for anything other than keeping general dust at bay, ie for medical reasons, this is the area that is hardest to seal. My personal experience of Respro masks is that this also applies to them!
Any leakage is potentially detrimental as it allows 'pollution' to be breathed in, so my suggestion is to give particular thought to having something pliable and longer than the traditional nose-clips of aluminium or plastic that are currently used on masks.
If such an item is malleable then it should fit a wider variety of head sizes and facial features in a secure fashion, particularly in the cavity areas adjacent either side of the top of ones nose.

I'm stoked from an Australian perspective that you are delving into the manufacturing of masks!
Best of luck with it and I shall be following your progress in this area with keen interest.

High (sic) Regards,